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Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi
Grand Spiritual Master

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Translated by:
Naveed Ahmad (Boston, United States)

February 2003

About Writer: For three decades Khawja shams-ud-Din Azeemi is striving to equip us with insight and vision to view the universe in its real perspective. His every effort is aimed at the spreading of his message that cognition of the soul is the only way to cognize our Lord Creator and realization of hidden potentialities of the soul is essential for peaceful living in harmony with nature


Spiritual explanation of: ?t of all what God created was my light?>

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful.

All the praise is for God, the Lord of the worlds, who sent his beloved man Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the blessing for the worlds.

When the universe did not exist, God, the One and the Omnipotent, did exist. God desired that He be known. To be known and to be acquainted it is necessary that there exists someone who knows. The God Almighty, with his will and his superior intention, made a program of creation. In the process of creation, three functions are the foundation of the universe:

  1. Angels
  2. Jinn
  3. Adam (Human Being)

Angles are divided in groups:

  • Superior Angles (Mala-e-Aala)
  • Angles of Heavens (Malaika Samawi)
  • Elementary Angles (Malaika Ansari)

These three groups have separate emplacements:

The place of Superior Angles: Bait-ul-Mamoor (The House of Happiness) or Hazeera-tul-Qudas (The Galaxy of Reverence)

The place of Angles of Heavens: The Heavens

The place of Elementary Angles: The Earth

These three groups have been assigned duties, but no choice has been given in carrying out the duties; whatever order has been placed, it has to be carried out without a minute deviation.


The Almighty has created millions of earths. Jinn exist on every earth, but they don?ist on the surface of the earth; they exist in the space around the sphere earth. This creature is made with four elements, but the element fire is dominant in the creation. This creature has been given discretion of good or evil.

The third creation, Adam:

According to God?atement, Adam?rst place was paradise. In the environment of paradise and in the tranquil place of paradise, and to live in the Garden of Khuld (The Garden of Eden), Adam was told?e here with happiness?not go close to that tree? if you disobey even by mistake you will be expelled from paradise. After being ousted from paradise Adam came to the earth and, like jinn, dwells in the millions of earths. This creature has also been given the concept of good and evil; that is, it has been given the discretion of doing good and evil deeds. This creature has also been made with four elements, but the element soil is dominant in its creation.

Like Father Adam is the father of all human race and Mother Eve is the mother of every human being, Father Tarah Noos is the father of all jinn race and the Mother Jinni is the mother of every jinn tribe.

- - - - - - - - - - -

There are more places above Bait-ul-Mamoor. The lights of God continuously descend on the highest place of all. These lights are the ?rior intention?God. Every program of creation is governed by the superior intention.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Electricity is used in every house? bulbs light up? fans blow air? cold waves emit from air-conditioner, and hot waves emit from heater.

The system of electricity is as follows:

The water accumulates in dam. The water then emits through very big tunnels. Turbines are installed at where the water emits. Turbine wheel spins because of fast flow of water. The fast motion of wheel produces heat which is converted into electricity by the magnet. The electricity when produced at the dam has a voltage of 26000 volts. Passing through different processes it is reduced to 220/110 volts, which then lightens up the electric bulbs in homes.

If the flow and voltage of this current is not reduced, none of the bulbs in any home will light; top of the line air-conditioner will not emit cold air. Likewise, none of the heater will be able to heat the room.

- - - - - - - - - - -

The Descent of lights:

In reality these are the lights from the mind of God, the One and the Omnipotent. These lights cannot tolerate any of the creatures in the universe, because none of the creatures has the strength and capacity to directly absorb these lights.

In order to fake watches mollify the unbearable energy of these lights, God Almighty established ?m-e-Mehmood? (The Place of the Praiseworthy), and appointed his beloved Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him, as a medium between Himself and the creatures.

The Prophet of God, peace be upon him, has expressed this as:

?t of all what God created was my light?

The complete program of God?perior-intention is broadcasted in the form of the descent of lights? the first descent of lights is upon the esteemed Highness of Hazoor, peace be upon him. When this program of creation is broadcasted from the mind of his esteemed Highness, it becomes so light that other creatures can bear its load.

From the esteemed and illuminated Highness of the Prophet of God, peace be upon him, the rays of lights emit and enter into ?era-tul-Qudas?? in Hazeera-tul-Qudas, they descend on ?-e-Aala? (The Superior Angles).

The Superior Angles announce: ?s is the order of God Almighty? Almighty wants this?se are the deeds that God Almighty likes ? those are the deeds that God Almighty does not like.

This announcement from Superior Angles is revealed on the minds of the Angles of Heavens in the form of waves.

The Angles of Heavens announce: ? Almighty wants this?se are the deeds that God Almighty likes ? those are the deeds that God Almighty does not like.

From the Angles of Heavens, this announcement then descends upon the minds of the Angles of Earth... The Angles of Earth then also repeat this announcement.

The re-announcement from the Angles of Earth is called ?iration?spiritualism or mysticism. That is, they inspire the mankind and the jinn?ite them?w attention of both the species towards the concept of good and evil. They continuously struggle that the mankind and the jinn adopt the good deeds and avoid the evil deeds. They warn again and again?y incite again and again?

Every bit of good is weighed?

Every bit of evil is weighed?

Gabriel the Trustworthy, peace be upon him, brought this revelation onto God?iend and prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him:

When the earth is shaken with her utmost quake,

And the earth brings forth her burdens from within,

And man says: What has befallen her?

On that day she shall tell her tidings,

Because your Lord had inspired her.

On that day men shall speak forth in different groups so that they may be shown their deeds.

So, he who has done a bit of good shall see it.

And he who has done a bit of evil shall see it.

God Almighty will shake the whole earth with a harsh and horrible quake. No building, no mountain and no tree will stand the earth that day. Whatever lays within the earth, the earth will spit it out. Whatever deeds the mankind has done, its good and evil will be manifested.

God Almighty has stated in the holy Quran:

And what do you know what Sijjeen is?

And what do you know what Illiyeen is?

It?book well written.

Whatever man does in the world?ther he breaths, winks, says anything, harms someone, breaks someone?art, or appeases God?eatures?ther he gives in charity by heart from whatever God has given him, offers prayer, fasts, performs pilgrimage, or performs the deeds which God has fake rolex watches forbidden? of these actions are being recorded.

In today?ientific age, this can be regarded as video film, that is, whatever actions the independent creature man and the independent creature jinn take?her good or evil?se actions are being recorded with reward or punishment? after this world, when the people from both the creatures will go to the next world they will be shown their film. If this film is composed of rewarding deeds they will be happy, and if this film is composed of punishable deeds they will be unhappy?y will weep and cry? no one will be there to inquire after them.

- - - - - - - - - - -

God Almighty has said of himself:

All the praise is for God who is the Lord of the worlds

And said to His beloved man Mohammad, peace be upon him:

And I have sent you as kindness for the worlds

God Almighty, as the creator, is the Lord of the worlds; that is?e our world, the creatures dwelling in millions of worlds: the jinn, the man, animals, plants, stones?descends subsistence for all of them from the heavens. Here, subsistence means the resources for the needs of childhood, youth and old age. He creates resources according to the needs and nature of different creatures

God Almighty, as the self, is free of all the characteristics which are present in the creatures: God Almighty is the one and the only, whereas the creatures are not one. God Almighty has no indigence; whereas the definition of creature is that the creature is indigent. God Almighty is not the father of anyone, nor is He the son of anyone, and He does not have a family.

For benefiting the creatures with the resources, God Almighty, with his will and superior intention, created His beloved man Mohammad, peace be upon him.

Such a creation! ?ch is aware of the needs of the creatures such that the creatures are not deprived in the distribution of resources?h sacred soul and the light of God is Hazrat Mohammad, the Prophet of God, peace be upon him.

In order to remind of ?n-e-Tqweem? (the best of statures) in the material conscious of ?l-us-Safeleen? (the lowest of the low), God Almighty started a series of prophets?se number is said to be one hundred and twenty four thousand. According to the rules of creation, the creation of the Prophet of God is the first creation of all.

As the Prophet of God said:

The first thing that God created was my light

This is the reason why prophets gave the tidings of the arrival of Hazrat Mohammad, the Prophet of God, peace be upon him. After the arrival of uk replica watches Hazrat Mohammad, the Prophet of God, peace be upon him, the purpose of prophet-hood is fulfilled and the religion is led to perfection, and the series of prophets has come to end.

A light and a bright book have been descended upon you from God. Whoever will attempt and struggle in His path, He shall show him his path.

He is the one who has sent a messenger amongst the uneducated people from within themselves, who recites the verses of God to them elaborately? purifies them, and teaches them the knowledge of the book and wisdom, otherwise before that, they were in utter apostatize.

Today I have perfected your religion for you, and bestowed my total blessing on you and liked Islam as the religion for you.

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